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Back Pain Relief Patch
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Mei Hua Brand Pain Relief Patch (Chinese Medicated Plasters)

Price: S$ 24.00/bundle (3 packs per bundle) (Total: $27 per 3 packs include shipping with no tracking number, Total: $31 per 3 packs including shipping with tracking number.) For the temporary relief of minor aches of muscles and joints 14 cm x 11cm (each patch) 6 Packs Bundle ( 5 patches per pack) Estimated Delivery Time for overseas: 10 to 14 days from date of payment. Shipped via airmail.
Medicated Plasters / Pain Patch Chinese
Mei Hua brand pain relief patch provides effective pain relief for up to 10 hours or more.  Unlike other Chinese medicated plasters, it does not have a strong odour or it cause stain to your clothes. This new form of Chinese medicated plaster can be cut to size to target aches and pains on smaller areas of your body such as the elbows, knees, shoulder blade and back. Each pack contains 5 pieces and they can be cut to size to suit your needs. The key ingredients are ( mg): Daemonorops Draco 22 Methylsalicylate 22 Pinus Massoniana Lamb 22 Radix Paeonia Lactiflora 40 Herba Metntha 60 Resin 220 Radix Gentiana Macrophylla 8 Fructus Cindium Monnier 8 Dendrobium 8 Rhizome pinellia Ternata 8 Radix Saussurea 8 Rhizome Dioscorea Hypoglauce 8 Cortex Cinnamomum 8 Cervis nippon Teminck 8 Acanthopanax 12 Rhizome Atractylodes 12 Rhizoma Ligusticom 20 Radix Drynaria 22 Flos Carthamus Tinctorius 22 Pyrite 22 Commiphora myrrha Engl 22 Boswellia Carterii Birdw 22 Radix Angelica Sinensis 22 Adix Cyathula Officinalis 12 Rhizome Acorus Gramineus 12 Dressing 346
Medicated Plasters / Pain Patch Chinese Medicated Plasters / Pain Patch Chinese Order Now Product Description Natural Ingredients
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Item: MP001 (3 packs Pain Relief Patch

Medicated Plasters / Pain Patch Chinese

One or two pieces a day. Wash, clean and dry affected area before use. Oily or perspiration skin will affect effectiveness of the plaster. Remove plaster immediately if itchiness or pain occurred. Could reapply after a few days. Do not use it again if symptom appears. Do not apply directly on ulcer, skin, infection with pores formation surface or open wound. Store in cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep out of children If pain persists after 3 days, seek medical attention For external use only Children under 16 years of age: Do Not Use
Individuals sufferng from: -Strains -Sprains -Simple backache -Arthritis -Bruises Allows freedom of movement and it stays in place throughout the day.
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